Saturday, May 9, 2015

How to Start a Home Based Franchise Business

These business don't necessarily need to be fully run online per se, but if that's what you choose to do its okay. These businesses are for people that are looking for opportunities to have franchises they can do from home. There are many different options you can choose from depending on your personal preferences such as:

Business and professional
Child Related
Cleaning and Maintenance
Computer and Tech
Food and restaurant
Health-care and hospital related
Real estate
much more!

These are businesses that you will be buying into. Some of them cost a few hundred and others cost thousands of dollars. It seems like the more popular the brand name and the more potential money you can make with it, the more expensive it is to buy it. A really good magazine to read if you are looking to buy into a franchise is Entrepreneu rmagazine. They have tons of "hot lists" along with some really good information like how much it costs to get into it, how much you can possibly make, things included in the business and a lot more.
A few months ago they had a 150 page "guide" with all this info in there and I have to say its pretty darn interesting to see all the different things you can get into. Some of the business were ones I had never heard of and others like Petland, Jiffy Lube and Pizza Hut are obviously pretty well-known! Here are a few examples for the categories listed above:

Auto -
Appearance Plus
Matco Tools
Computer and Tech -
Mobile Computer
Food -
7 Eleven
Dunkin Donuts
Pizza Fusion
Ritas Italian Ice

I know what your thinking. Dunkin Donuts? BP? These aren't home businesses! Well they sort of are. You could make it into whatever you want to. You can work at the actual place you buy, you can work at home, you can work online, you can do whatever you want, it's YOUR business! All this info and much more can be found on the Entrepreneur site online. You can also be connected directly with the company at hand so you can find out more about the financial and personal relationship they have with the buyers (you), minimum/maximum investments, and much more. There are several other sites you can find online that offer these types of directories but, I think Entrepreneur is by far the best. Everyone else seems to have scattered companies across the board but Entrepreneur has everything in one place, and I think this makes finding an op a lot easier for people!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Young Entrepreneurs Online

If your considering encouraging your child to learn more about the internet, this article will help you with the tips and tricks I used to help my son.
The first thing to remember is that while your child may think being a young entrepreneur means getting lots of cash, that is unimportant. They may make money but that is hardly the point of teaching them these skills.
Giving your child the ability to understand computers will put them in good standing when setting out for a job later in life. And more importantly will very probably give them a far easier way of making money.
Regardless of how their life plays out, and what they end up doing, being able to use the internet for promotional purposes is going to help.

The reason I was so keen to get my son into the I.M. World was largely because I know its a great way to make a living. I have worked in refrigerated factories, as a forklift truck driver and several other jobs. Do you want to know why I like the online business model? Because its in the warm, only takes a few hours a day and the moneys huge.
Now I could encourage my son to lift heavy equipment all day long when he is older but I think this is way better. Of all the futures you could give your budding young entrepreneur, I believe a good knowledge base is the most important.

Consider that many internet marketers do not start making good money for up to 5 years. Now when they get going they may well do very well but who has the time to learn these skills.
Your kids do. There is no better time for the human brain to absorb new concepts and ideas, than when it is still developing.

An important point to consider when starting to teach your little one about the internet, is security.
By this I refer to the fact that unrestrained your child could be looking at anything, luckily I found that the many available child proof filters are incredibly effective. However they wont work unless you install them.
Its important to set your child goals and targets. For my son I had the target that if he could just make a few dollars from advertising on his blog I had get him his own computer. Unfortunately he discovered methods of promotion I had not even heard of, and is now sat on his own laptop.

Now you should know he is only 9 today and has not been doing much with computers except play games, so is not starting from much of an advantage. With that said I was amazed by the speed he understood the concepts. While he certainly has not learned all the tips and tricks yet, its obvious his mind has understood the concept even better than me.
If I had been able to grasp the concepts as quickly as him I might have been a young entrepreneur too. Unfortunately I came to computers to late for the sort of instinctive understanding children can have.
I would strongly recommend you make sure your child has the ability to learn these concepts while they are still able.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Are You An Online Entrepreneur?

Many people think that entrepreneurialism is only applicable in real-time businesses, with identifiable premises and known locations; where the entrepreneur can be seen moving from place to place, office to office sourcing and outsourcing goods and services for her particular trading.
This was the original concept and it still is a major way for entrepreneurs to get around and about doing their businesses. Great!

However, in the advent of mass computer technology in 80's and 90's, entrepreneurialism suddenly took on a different dimension altogether; in that many things could be operated in virtual, no wall, or open environment settings. This has given rise to sensational online education, training and of course gigantic business opportunities that taunt the imagination. You do not want to miss out on this!
The modern entrepreneur had better quickly discover how to perform on world-stage using the computer. And like anything new though, many skills have to be acquired and accomplished.
The smart entrepreneur knows very well that to move forward effectively, profitably, and at least making bottom line, there are no short cuts; or are there?

To be smart is to be stylish, to find answers quickly, to accomplish without too much effort, to use time wisely, to manage goals meticulously, to get results on time, to achieve success in the shortest possible period. That's entrepreneurialism for short.

These efforts have been concertized by the computer, or as generally better known, the Internet Business. The smart entrepreneur quickly gets focused on this as the most lucrative and most sustainable route; where sustainability is key - because everybody wants to be in for the long haul. Not Good times...Bad times! They prefer the good times all the time! And This is definitely feasible in Internet Business platform - even passively. Is Internet the short cut? You bet it is!
That's where all entrepreneurs want be - in a business that makes money quickly, easily and more importantly permanently. Entrepreneurs hate recession. It is a time when hell comes loose. They lose their grip on finances; they lose their income, they even lose their will to get up and go to "work". They lose their cool.

But as most entrepreneurs know it is not what is happening on the day that is crucial. It is what happens later that is devastating or fulfilling. The need to PLAN; great vision, achievable goals, workable objectives - all constituted in a complete and totally comprehensive Business Plan - is what makes the day and hugely pays everybody in the end.
Where there is no known plan, anything can happen. Unfortunately what does always happen, without plan, is FAILURE. And you don't want to fail; indeed you don't have to fail. A Plan is already worked out, just for YOU!

Deliberately avoid failure by teaming with proven successes on Online Business, which is the FUTURE and GUARANTEED escape from recession! Experience amazing win-win situations.